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The Inspectorate of Constabulary says that police now tell victims of property crimes to “solve the crimes themselves,” directing them over the phone to review CCTV footage and canvas their neighbourhoods for witnesses.
The police say that in austerity Britain, they can’t give priority to property crimes and don’t have the personnel to attend the scenes of such crimes in person. However, the UK’s domestic security apparatus does have millions to squander on a full-time Julian Assange stakeout, mass surveillance, a titanic DNA database, endless and racist stop-and-frisk harassment, undercover infiltration of peaceful environmental groups, and the imprisonment of countless people convicted of petty drug crimes.
UK police watchdog: burglary and car crime “on verge of being decriminalised” - Boing Boing (via wilwheaton)

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[Teachers are mostly women because] as school reformers began to realize in the 1820s that schooling should be compulsory — that parents should be forced to send their kids to school, and public education should be universal — they had to come up with a way to do this basically in an affordable manner, because raising taxes was just about as unpopular back then as it is now. So what we see is this alliance between politicians and education reformers in the early 19th century to redefine teaching as a female profession.

They do this in a couple ways: First, they argue that women are more moral in a Christian sense than men. They depict men as alcoholic, intemperate, lash-wielding, horrible teachers who are abusive to children. They make this argument that women can do a better job because they’re more naturally suited to spend time with kids, on a biological level. Then they are also quite explicit about the fact that [they] can pay women about 50 percent as much — and this is going to be a great thing for the taxpayer. (via saphire-dance)

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